DropPlates-D+ (16/96) by Trinean

Manufacturer Trinean

DropPlates-D+ (16/96) by Trinean product image
DropPlates-D+ (16/96)

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DropPlates D+ are designed to have a wide dynamic range, with 2 separate measuring chambers per sample.

• Extended OD range 0.1-200 OD.
• 2 µl sample volume.
• Label free.
• cDrop analysis compatible.
• High throughput compatible.
• Read in less than 5 seconds per sample.
• Two formats are available:
16-well chips (2x8 wells)
96-wells plates (16x8 wells, ANSI-SBS standard format)
• The minimum sample volume required is 2 µl for the full measurement range.

You can choose to have measurement done at 2 path lengths (0.7 and 0.1 mm, ideal for samples with no prior knowledge of expected concentration range) or at the short pathlength only (0.1 mm), ideal when working with highly concentrated samples (e.g. purified proteins, oligos, plasmid DNA, etc.)

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DropPlates-D+ (16/96) by Trinean product image

DropPlates-D+ (16/96)

Manufacturer Trinean

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