Droplet™ Blood Collection Tray by Heathrow Scientific

Manufacturer Heathrow Scientific

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Droplet™ Blood Collection Tray
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Droplet™ Blood Collection Tray - Designed with phlebotomists in mind!

Extensive research in clinics and hospitals with working phlebotomists led to the development of the lightweight, roomy, and easy-to-clean Droplet blood collection tray by Heathrow Scientific. Along with the sturdy plastic frame, you get a set of economical, disposable inserts specifically designed for blood collection.

Keeping your blood collection tray clean and organized has never been easier. Wash your tray as needed, and replace the insert periodically for a fresh start. Tray inserts come in two configurations and includes an extra-deep compartment for your sharps container.

Droplet™ Blood Collection Tray features a supply drawer, side pockets, and a ratcheting handle with soft rubber grip that rotates out of the way for easy access. Each tray comes with either a 13 mm or a 16 mm Heathrow OneRack™ test tube rack and two disposable polystyrene inserts. Additional inserts sold in packs of 4.