DropArray™ Accelerator LT by Curiox

Manufacturer Curiox

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DropArray™ Accelerator LT
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The DropArray™ Accelerator LT is the first in a series of products offered by Curiox. The Accelerator LT targets users in research labs performing ELISA and cell adherent assays.

The DropArray™ Accelerator is a bench-top liquid handling station that automates the wash step in wash-based bioassays (bioassays that require a wash step in between addition of reagents) by eliminating conventional tedious and long drawn pipetting methods used for washing conventional plates. The whole 6 step wash on the takes less than 2mins using the DropArray™ Accelerator systems.

Convenient and Highly Affordable Miniaturization

The LT100 enables convenient and affordable miniaturization by automating the washing process of proprietary DropArray™ plates. The Accelerator LT100 supports two different formats of DropArray™ plates, the 48 and 96 well plates, while the Accelerator LT200 supports the 96 and 384 well plates. Each "well" functions effectively and similarly to a microtiter plate well, only, at a much smaller volume of 2-3 µL.

Improved Efficiency in performing assays

Specifications for DropArray™ Accelerator LT100/LT200:
•   Operating Voltage/Hz: 100-240 V (manual select), 50/60 Hz
•   Max Power Requirement: 156 VA
•   Physical size: 46 cm x 44 cm x 33 cm
•   Weight: 13.5 kg

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DropArray™ Accelerator LT by Curiox product image

DropArray™ Accelerator LT

Manufacturer Curiox

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