DropArray™ Accelerator HT200

Manufacturer Curiox

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The DropArray™ Accelerator HT200 allows higher level of automation for researchers.
It provides similar benefits to DropArray™ Accelerator LT100 with additional features required for our high throughput and screening customers.

The HT200 is a fully automated washing instrument that can be easily integrated into existing liquid handling systems, and is compatible with traditional plate formats used in imagers and dispensers. It is used with the DropArray™ 384 plate and is applicable to academia, pharma and biotech for:
•  High Content Screening
•   RNAi screening
•  Antibody & biomarker screening
•  High throughput screening
•  ELISA assays

The HT200 represents a new standard of liquid handling proving improved fluidic design that allows for gentle washing of plates, resulting in minimal cell loss and improved experimental data.

The images below demonstrate the immunostaining patterns of a MCF-7 breast cancer cell line on the DropArray™ 384 well plate, after 4 wash cycles using DropArray™ Accelerator HT200, carried out by our customer. Image A shows the staining patterns of the targeted endogenous protein expressed on the cell membrane. While image B shows the nuclear DAPI staining.

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DropArray™ Accelerator HT200

Manufacturer Curiox

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