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A recent study carried out by Martyn Deal at GlaxoWellcome UK has proved the value of Genevac's unique Dri-Pure™ anti-bumping system. Dri-Pure™ was shown to prevent solvent bumping (ejection of superheated solvent and solute from a test tube or microtitre plate well) from occurring in all the samples tested.

Solvent bumping is commonplace in conventional centrifugal evaporation systems and causes severe cross contamination and sample loss. Part of the study, focussing on solvent commonly used in the LC/MS purification process, showed that without Dri-Pure bumping can occur during the drying of purified samples. Prevention of cross contamination of pure samples during the evaporation step is vital.

The GlaxoWellcome study concludes that solvent bumping is unpredictable, can be solute dependant and that there are likely to be many solvent/solute combinations prone to bumping which were not tested. The study is available upon request.

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