DOSE IT - Peristaltic Pump by INTEGRA Biosciences

Manufacturer INTEGRA Biosciences

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DOSE IT - Peristaltic Pump
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DOSE IT – Smart and compact liquid handling

The peristaltic pump DOSE IT makes dispensing of culture media, buffers and other solutions easy and efficient. Forget about complicated programming. The setting of all functions and parameters is self-explanatory so that, with minimal learning time, everybody can start working immediately. A broad range of dose volumes can be dispensed with high accuracy since the DOSE IT is compatible with differently sized tubing: from 1 mm tubing for dispensing small doses to 8 mm tubing for high-throughput pumping. The compact and lightweight design allows the DOSE IT to be moved and placed virtually everywhere in the lab, further increasing its value.

In addition to the dispensing and pump mode, the DOSE IT provides the ability to create customized liquid handling protocol based on settable parameters, such as volume, flow rate and repetitions. The flow rate can be set to ramp up or down to the target speed, avoiding for example foaming, splashing or unwanted turbulences during dispensing.

Features and benefits:
• Large display and clear user guidance for fast setup and use.
• Memory for 20 dosing protocols for conveniently switching between different applications.
• Wide range of tubing sizes for precise dosing of millilitres to litres of various media, buffers, etc.
• Compact and functional design for minimal space consumption and maximal user friendliness.
• CUSTOMIZE mode for easy and efficient creation of personalized liquid handling protocols.