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DNA Phosphoramidites
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Phosphoramidites for DNA oligonucleotide synthesis, gene synthesis, and more.

Features of DNA Phosphoramidites:

  • Amine functions are protected by either a benzoyl or isobutyryl group {dA(Bz), dC(Bz), dG(Ib)}.
  • The recommended procedure for cleavage and deprotection for standard oligonucleotide synthesis is incubation in a concentrated ammonia solution for 8 hours at 55 °C.
  • The purities of manufactured nucleoside phosphoramidites are determined by 31P-NMR and RP HPLC analysis and controlled greater than 98% for normal pure grade and greater than 99% for ultra pure grade.
  • All reagents are conveniently packaged for ABI instruments. Expedite- and Mermade-compatible vials are also available upon request

Technical Information for DNA Phosphoramidites:

  • dA(Bz)-CE phosphoramidite
  • dC(Bz)-CE phosphoramidite
  • dG(Ib)-CE phosphoramidite
  • dT-CE phosphoramidite