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Manufacturer Metravib RDS
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Rating: 3.7

"Very well made, durable, well thought out and engineered. Construction design is excellent and materials of construction are optimized. Very safe to operate. Handles a wide range of sample types giving the user the ability to work with their application thoroughly. Software- fully controls the instrument and provides extensive information about how the instrument is functioning. Data analysis is excellent giving the user many, many options for determining the results they need."

Review date: 16 May 2012 | DMA+150
DMA+150 has a very rigid frame that exhibit ranges of measurable stiffness and frequency that are unrivalled on the market. The range of available specimen holders, along with DYNATEST and MULTITEST analysis software programs, make it a new type of universal electrodynamic testing machine that goes beyond classic DMA products.

Main assets:

  • Very rigid mechanical frame (more than servo-hydraulic machines)
  • High force: 150 N (peak)
  • Unique stiffness range: up to 7 decades can be used in a single test
  • Unique frequency domain: from 1E-5Hz to 1000 Hz
  • High measurement precision
  • Analysis of specimens with material –representative size
  • Thermal chamber with high heating rate
  • Displacement stroke up to 12 mm for creep and stress relaxation tests
  • Broad selection of specimen holders for multiple geometries and dimensions
  • Easily upgradeable to meet specific analytical requirements
  • Reduced maintenance

Main uses:

  • Simultaneous DMA & TMA tests using DYNATEST software
  • Fatigue and controlled waveform tests using MULTIDYN software
  • Precise measurement of viscoelastic properties
  • Determination of glass and secondary transitions
  • Any type of solid, viscous, or liquid materials
  • Particularly well suited to polymers and composites (polymer materials, polymerization follow-up, fatigue)

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DMA+150 by Metravib RDS product image


Manufacturer Metravib RDS

3.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews