DIVERSet Diversity Libraries by ChemBridge Corporation

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DIVERSet Diversity Libraries
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Structurally diverse small molecule libraries with broad 3D pharmacophore coverage for hit identification

ChemBridge offers two, complementary DIVERSet™ Libraries, each composed of 50,000 leadlike and druglike compounds. Both DIVERSet Libraries (the DIVERSet-EXP and the DIVERSet-CL) are designed to provide the greatest coverage of pharmacophore space within 50,000 compounds while maintaining chemical structure diversity. The two DIVERSet Libraries have also been designed to be complementary so that they can be combined to create a 100,000-compound diversity library. Researchers also have the option to purchase subsets of 10,000, 20,000, or 30,000 compounds from either library. The DIVERSet library approach has been applied successfully for hit identification and chemical probe discovery across a wide range of research and drug discovery programs since its initial launch and has led to more than 200 citations in peer-reviewed scientific publications.