Dispensette® Organic Bottletop Dispensers

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These dispensers are perfect for having students dispense concentrated acids into their beakers without spilling any of it.
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Dispensing concentrated acids

"These dispensers are perfect for having students dispense concentrated acids into their beakers without spilling any of it. I especially like the purge feature that allows me flush the air out of the dispenser with the flow being directed back into the bottle, instead of having to dispense the air/chemical mixture into a separate beaker."

Review date: 03 Aug 2015 | Dispensette® Organic Bottletop Dispensers
Ideal for HPLC and combinatorial chemistry labs, the Dispensette® Organic Bottletop Dispensers from BrandTech Scientific builds on the 25-year reputation of the Dispensette dispensers for innovation, safety and chemical compatibility. The Dispensette Organic features a special version of BRAND's proven "floating" piston system specially suited for organic solvents, concentrated acids and peroxides.

Features of the Dispensette Organic Bottletop Dispensers:

Handles Critical Solvents
The Dispensette Organic handles your critical solvents: THF, TFA, methanol, acetonitrile, methylene chloride, DMF and DMSO. The instrument is also the right choice for HNO3 and HCl, and peroxides, but is not suited for alkaline solutions or hydrochloride salts.

Enhanced Safety Features
The Dispensette Organic adds this specialized chemical compatibility to the familiar safety and convenience features of the popular Dispensette III, including reinforced discharge tube with threaded safety cap, SafetyPrime™ valve to conserve solvents and reduce "spurting" while priming, safety discharge system to reduce the chance of inadvertent dispensing, and telescoping filling tube and thread adapters to fit to most lab bottles.

Available in Digital and Analog Models
The Dispensette Organic comes in analog and digital models with bright yellow trim for easy identification. Accessories are available for serial and drum dispensing.

Limitations of use: The parts of the Dispensette Organic which come into contact with the liquid are made of high-grade materials such as ETFE, PTFE, PFA, borosilicate glass, FEP and tantalum. The Dispensette Organic should not be used with any liquids that attack these materials.