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Discovery E-Lab Notebook
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Plan, execute, record, and search single and parallel synthetic chemistry experiments

Symyx Discovery Notebook is an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) specifically designed to enable pharmaceutically focused discovery chemists to use prior experience, develop new methods, access relevant information, and integrate to critical systems to be more efficient and effective.

Prepare: Access information from multiple sources and plan the reactions:
• Search for experiments providing similar products or reactions to utilize the knowledge and expertise of one’s colleagues.
• Access and incorporate the structures and data from corporate and external sources ( e.g., reagent inventory, registry).
• Compute quantities and identify reactants and products (calculate stoichiometry, scale reactions, uniquely label products for analysis, attach analyses).

Document: Simplify entry of observations and generate report for meetings or archives:

• Utilize common and customized phrases and materials to improve the speed and accuracy of entry. • Incorporate keywords, defined properties, and safety information to classify and find relevant experiments.
• Associate analytical data appropriately to procedures, products, and reactions.
• Collect experiments into a single report to present design and discuss progress.

Analyze: Evaluate which reaction paths are effective
• Compare experiments to determine conditions or materials that caused signficant change.
• Show relationships of how materials were created and used through Symyx’s unique Reaction Relay visualization capability.
• Evaluate multiple pathways with the respective yields to a desired material through Retrosynthetic Analysis visualization.