Direct Heat CO2 Incubators by Eppendorf

Manufacturer Eppendorf

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Direct Heat CO2 Incubators

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Eppendorf's latest innovation in CO2 incubators - uniquely designed with six-sided direct heating. These systems achieve a stable and homogenous chamber environment to optimize culture conditions and satisfy the most demanding requirements of scientists.

Innova® CO-48 & CO-170

Capacity & Size



Unit Type

Full Size Incubator

Personal Size Incubator

(cubic feet, liters)

6.0 cu. ft  /  170 L

1.7 cu. ft  /  48 L

External Dimensions
HxWxD (inches)
HxWxD (centimeters)

30.1" x 24.4" x 26.7"
76.5 x 62.0 x 67.7

25.4" x 19.1" x 18.35"
64.5 x 48.4 x 47.0


  • Unique Six-Sided Direct Heating
  • Fanless Chamber Circulation.
  • Infrared [IR] CO2 Sensor
  • Extra-Large Display & Intuitive Controls Simplify Operation.
  • High Humidity - Dry Wall Chamber
  • Use On or Under the Bench, or Stacked Two High.


  • 72-Hour Data Storage.
  • Programmable CO2 Sensor Auto-Zero.
  • On-Screen Help.
  • High-Temperature Decontamination Mode Simplifies Maintenance. 
  • Space-Saving - Convenient Size & Weight.
  • Convenient Shelving System.
  • Built-In System Diagnostics


  • Comprehensive Two-Level Alarm System
  • Password Protection
  • Backed by Comprehensive Warranty


  • Separate Over-Temperature Cutout
  • Backup Microprocessor ensures system integrity by verifying main processor function.
  • Non-Volatile Memory guarantees data integrity
  • Alarm Setpoints Reset Automatically to ±0.5ºC and 0.5% above and below the new temperature/CO2 setpoint.
  • HEPA Filter on CO2 Inlet provides added protection from potential contamination sources.


  • Low-Humidity Warning
  • Access Port provides pass-through for sensors & probes.
  • Remote Alarm Contacts provide connection to external user-supplied building alarm/monitoring system.
  • RS-232 Port
  • Custom Options such as oxygen control (tri-gas), copper interior, multiple inner doors, printer port, internal power receptacle, and more are available upon request.