Direct Detect® Spectrometer by MilliporeSigma

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Direct Detect® Spectrometer
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Introducing Direct Detect™, the first infrared (IR)-based biomolecular quantitation system.

Just spot your sample, blank, and read! No sample prep, standard curves, messy cuvettes or liquid waste. With inherent amide bond detection, the Direct Detect™ system distinguishes proteins and peptides from interfering sample components, providing more accurate results without the pitfalls of colorimetric assays.

Technology: FTIR Spectrometry and Protein Quantitation
By measuring amide bonds in protein chains, the system accurately determines an intrinsic component of every protein without relying on amino acid composition, dye binding or redox potential. Accurately analyze components of complex mixtures: proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids have separable IR spectra.

Advantages of FTIR Quantitation:
•  Independent of amino acid composition
•  No extinction coefficient required, unlike UV-Vis/A280 methods
•  Improves speed and accuracy over traditional colorimetric assays
•  Works in the presence of detergents and reducing agents
•  Compatible with lysates and membrane preps

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Direct Detect® Spectrometer by MilliporeSigma product image