DiNa range of Direct Flow NanoLC instruments

Manufacturer Kromatek

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NanoLC and NanoLC-MS systems

KYA Technologies is developing NanoLC technologies to make the separation and analysis of proteins faster and more reliable than ever before. The DiNa (Direct Nano) system is a complete product range for the separation of proteins for NanoLC and NanoLC-MS for either Nano-ESI-MS or Nano-MALDI analysis.

The DiNa LC-MS is already well proven in Japan and is starting to be recognised in Europe as a reliable system even at sub 200nL/min flow rates.

DiNa Protein Separation Systems:

  • NanoLC for 1D and trap column
  • Full 2D separations
  • Autosampler and fraction collector/MALDI spotter
  • MALDI desalting station using ZipTip technology