Dimension P1 by Lambda Solutions, Inc.

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Dimension P1
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Dimension P1

The Dimension-P1™ Raman System is the first of LSI's Dimension series products. The CE and UL Certified Dimension-P1™ is an ultra-high performance Raman spectrometer achieved through the integration of proprietary optics and unique software solutions. The high sensitivity of its proprietary fiber-bundle probe system and  high light throughput spectrometer, combined with the unsurpassed performance of Princeton Instrument TE-cooled CCD’s, yield the sensitivity and resolution needed to confidently answer critical QA/QC and analytical questions. The system is operated through LSI's RamanSoft, with proprietary algorithms and automation capability for data acquisition, data processing, and data analysis. The user-friendly interfaces provide ready access to CCD function, laser power and all essential data solutions.

The Dimension-P1™ Raman System comes with LSI's Vector Raman Probe™, an internal sample compartment and an External Sampling Module for greater sampling flexibility. The Dimension-P1™ is available with a 830, 785, 632, or 532 nm laser. The system is available as standard  (5 cm-1) or high resolution ( 3 cm-¹) models.