Dilumat S gravimetric diluter by AES CHEMUNEX

Manufacturer AES CHEMUNEX

Dilumat S gravimetric diluter by AES CHEMUNEX product image
Dilumat S gravimetric diluter

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Dilumat® S gravimetric diluter

Dilution standardisation
Automated rotating arm
Clear understanding and ease-of-use

The Dilumat® secures and standardises the sample dilution and enables the laboratory to save time
and money by fully automating the first step of the microbiological analysis.
Accurate, stable and fast, Dilumat® S is a fully automated gravimetric diluter that provides enhanced
performance to routine microbiology in total compliance with your highest Quality Assurance criteria.
Automated arm for maximum convenience of use with a laminar flow bench.
Intuitive display and keyboard provide clear understanding and ease-of-use for every lab technician
whatever language they speak. Fully open access to the bag to avoid contact between Dilumat® S and sample greatly reduces risk of contamination.