Dilubag ready-to-use broth pouches by AES CHEMUNEX

Manufacturer AES CHEMUNEX

Dilubag ready-to-use broth pouches by AES CHEMUNEX product image
Dilubag ready-to-use broth pouches

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Ready-to-use broth pouches DILUBAG

Available in 3 or 5 litres (13 or 22 dilutions of 225 ml)
Buffered peptone water, Fraser 1⁄2,(further diluents upon request).
Ready-to-use. ISO 11 133-1 and ISO 11 133-2 compliant.
Storage at room temperature.
Traceability: removable label available for every dilution.
Available accessories: High flowrate connector Diluplug®. - Dilusafe stand for 1 ou 2 Dilubag
Full range of broths available: Buffered peptone water, Buffered peptone water with tween, Fraser ½, Nutrient broth, LT100, double concentration buffered peptone water, Tryptone salt, TSB, modified TSB.