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Digital Syringe

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Digital Syringes

Manually operated Digital Syringes bring a new level of accuracy and confidence to a wide range of laboratory procedures. For instance:

  • Calibration of instruments and detector systems

  • Preparation of standards for instrument analysis

  • Spiking samples with a known amount of standard

  • Injection of liquid samples into Karl Fischer titrators

Now you don't have to read between the lines to determine how much sample is in your syringe. With the Digital Syringe you read the syringe volume directly from the liquid crystal display on the Digital Syringe. The digital display eliminates volume reading errors as well as ensures that everyone in the lab reads the syringe volume the same.

Ideal for Instrument Calibration
Every Digital Syringe is a calibrated device traceable to N.I.S.T. methods. Use it to calibrate analytical instruments (AA/ICP, GC, HPLC, etc.), prepare standards and spike samples. With a Digital Syringe you have a certified easy-to-read device which makes it easier to comply with EPA, CLIA, ISO and FDA (GLP, GMP) requirements.

Better Accuracy and Precision
The 700 and 1700 series MICROLITER® and GASTIGHT® Digital Syringes are certified to ± 0.5% accuracy or better. 7000 series MODIFIED MICROLITER® syringes are certified to ± 1.0% accuracy or better. Improved precision is easily achieved when you use the built-in adjustable plunger stop. The adjustable plunger stop (0-100% of syringe volume) is engaged with a touch of the button on the back of the Digital Syringe.