Digital ProteomeChip Fractionator by ProteinSimple (formerly Cell Biosciences)

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Digital ProteomeChip Fractionator

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Digital ProteomeChip Fractionator - Simplified Protein Sample Fractionation Data quality is greatly affected by upstream sample processing and downstream data analysis. Cell Biosciences digital ProteomeChip (dPC®) Fractionator improves both sample prep and data analysis using a unique, chip-based sample fractionation technology and software that ensures the highest level of protein discovery from precious biological samples. dPC Sample Fractionation from the Digital ProteomeChip Fractionator, features include:

  • Workflow compatibility easy integration into existing mass spectrometry, chromatography and immunoblotting workflows
  • Easy to use simple protocols are straightforward for researchers of all disciplines and experience levels 
  • High reproducibility precise chip manufacturing and discrete gel features ensure the same proteins will be found in the same gel plugs across multiple chips and experiments 
  • Improve data quality ready to use buffers and optimized, preconfigured run conditions produce more accurate results 
  • Walk-away operation automated from start to finish, run up to six separate samples under controlled temperature, voltage and mixing 
  • Sample enrichment separated peptides and proteins are concentrated in gel plugs, enabling low-level detection

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