DigiSEP Blue - Metal Extraction Cartridges

Manufacturer SCP Science

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SCP Science DigiSEP Blue SPE Cartridges

A general purpose, single use, cation removal cartridge. DigiSEP Blue from SCP Science is a highly selective exchange cartridge is ideal for retaining transition metals in samples that contain high concentrations of potassium and sodium as in sea water.

DigiSEP Blue has an aminodiacetate group that acts as a chelating agent to a variety of metallic ations in solution providing a mean to reversibly immobilize them on the polymeric support.

DigiSEP Blue cartridges are used for two main purposes in solid phase extaction: elimination of interferences or reconcentration of metal ions.

Some matrices, such as in biological samples, contain a high level of dissolved organics that complicate the analysis of heavy metals. It is possible to immobilize the metal onto DigiSEP Blue and wash off the other components of the matrix. DigiSEP Blue is an alternative sorbent to DigiSEP Green when dealing with sea water samples as it is less sensitive to solutions high ionic strength.

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DigiSEP Blue - Metal Extraction Cartridges

Manufacturer SCP Science

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