Digidata 1440A data acquisition system

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Low-noise data acquisition system bundled with turnkey AxoScope 10 software for continuous recording. This 16-bit USB 2.0 digitizer has 4 analog outputs and 16 analog inputs. The Digidata 1440A is compatible with pCLAMP 10 software. Digidata 1440A is shipped with the following:

o Digidata 1440A interface
o USB 2.0 PCI card (Part number 1-6130-0015)
o External power supply (Part number 1-3420-0075)
o Accessory kit (Part number 1-2050-0107) containing: printed manual (Part number 1-2500-0173), AxoScope 10 CD (Part number 1-2700-0154), USB 2.0 cable (Part number 1-2100-0548), UK power cord (Part number 1-3010-0110) and European power cord (Part number 1-3010-0109)

Compatible software:
o pCLAMP 10
o AxoScope 10

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Digidata 1440A data acquisition system

Manufacturer AutoMate Scientific Inc.

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