Pressure Digestion DAB-2/3 by Berghof Products + Instruments GmbH

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Pressure Digestion DAB-2/3
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digestec DAB-2/3, to Digest the Hardest Samples.

The traditional “stainless steel bomb” with its PTFE insert is being increasingly replaced by the microwave for most routine applications. However, when it comes to difficult-to-digest samples such as silicon carbide or alpha-aluminium oxide, such systems remain of inestimable value to users. The great advantage of these systems lies in the fact that the digestion period can be extended nearly indefinitely.

For these types of samples, digestion times up to 72 hours are applied. Such long digestion times cannot be employed in microwave digestion systems. Therefore, digestec is particularly suitable for the most difficult samples. The high maximum operating pressure of 200 bar gives the user the greatest possible degree of flexibility with regard to the sample material to be digested. For this reasons Berghof pressure digestion system digestec are of particular interest to laboratories which must constantly digest new sample materials or which process only a limited number of samples per day or week (e.g., R&D labs).