Diaphragm pump MD 1 by VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG

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Diaphragm pump MD 1

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Maximum performance, minimum dimensions, optimal control

The MD 1 diaphragm pump is an excellent choice for oil-free evacuation and pumping of non-corrosive gases down to 1.5 mbar ultimate vacuum. The three-stage design with precisely guided flat diaphragms provides outstanding pumping speed even close to the ultimate vacuum, especially when compared with similarly rated two-stage diaphragm pumps. The MD 1 is an ultra-low-vibration pump, with very long diaphragm lilfetimes documented with years of testing. With a flow path consisting of aluminum and selected plastics (diaphragms and valves made of PTFE/FPM and FPM respectively), the pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications with non-corrosive gases.

With its low ultimate vacuum, the MD 1 is well-suited to applications in physics and analytics. The compact design and vacuum capacity make it an alternative to small rotary vane pumps for degassing of small amounts of viscous media, and as backing pump for compact turbomolecular drag pumps.

Performance features:

  • contamination-free pumping and evacuation
  • high flow rate even near ultimate vacuum
  • excellent ultimate vacuum
  • whisper quiet and ultra-low vibration
  • proven long diaphragm life, maintenance-free drive system