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The processing of blots is now even simpler with a variety of premixed wash buffers and blocking solutions.

Several Detergents are available from Bio-Rad, including
SDS Solutions
SDS solutions provide highly purified SDS in convenient 10% and 20% solutions. SDS solutions are prepared with 18 megaohm water and have no detectable DNase or RNase activity. SDS solutions are available as 10% (w/v) solutions for gel electrophoresis applications and 20% (w/v) solutions for molecular biology applications.
SDS and Nonionic Detergents
Highly purified SDS gives excellent results in the electrophoretic method of Laemmli and optimizes activity recovery in enzyme purification applications. Tween 20 for blotting and Triton X-100, CHAPS, and CHAPSO for membrane protein solubilization are also available.
Cleaning Concentrate
Bio-Rad's cleaning concentrate is a moderately alkaline detergent that cleans by solubilizing and emulsifying. It is ideal for glass plates and other laboratory equipment and is harmless to skin and clothing. • Gel Drying Solution
Bio-Rad's gel drying solution is a pretreatment for polyacrylamide gels that helps prevent gels cracking during air or vacuum drying. Just 10 minutes of equilibration before drying the gels prevents excessive gel swelling and prevents cracking of the gel.