Density Sensors: L-Dens 427 by Anton Paar GmbH

Manufacturer Anton Paar GmbH  |  Available Worldwide

Density Sensors: L-Dens 427 by Anton Paar GmbH product image
Density Sensors: L-Dens 427
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The new L-Dens 4X7 series of sensors are highly accurate, durable and maintenance-free.

They have low integration costs and low operating costs and provide density results at 4-digit accuracy. The L-Dens 4X7 density sensors are for use in the petroleum, chemical and beverage industries. The wide range of L-Dens 4X7 sensors includes different materials, process connections and electrical interfaces to suit each plant. Process control and monitoring supported by continuous density measurement with L-Dens 4X7 sensors increases a plant’s productivity. With L-Dens 4X7, the consumption of raw materials and energy is optimized and the production runs at maximum capacity.