SureSelect DNA Panels by Agilent Technologies

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SureSelect DNA Panels
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Agilent SureSelect DNA panels are predefined designs which focus on targeted gene sets for specific applications. Agilent offers two human panels, the SureSelect Human Kinome panel and SureSelect X-Chromosome panel. The SureSelect Human DNA Kinome panel targets a comprehensive set of kinases and kinase related genes for enrichment, targeting over 500 kinases and 612 genes. The SureSelect X-Chromosome panel targets all of the genes on the X chromosome.

• SureSelect Kinome kits are available for targeting either DNA (genomic regions) or RNA (transcripts)
• Efficient workflows for post-capture (XT) and pre-capture (XT2) pooling – (XT2 - pool up to 16 samples per enrichment)