DELFIA® EuTDA Cytotoxicity Reagents by PerkinElmer, Inc.

Manufacturer PerkinElmer, Inc.

DELFIA® EuTDA Cytotoxicity Reagents by PerkinElmer, Inc.  product image
DELFIA® EuTDA Cytotoxicity Reagents

PerkinElmer, Inc.

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DELFIA cytotoxicity assays offer a non-radioactive method to be used in cell mediated cytotoxicity studies. The method is based on loading cells with an acetoxymethyl ester of a fluorescence enhancing ligand. After the ligand has penetrated the cell membrane the ester bonds are hydrolyzed within the cell to form a hydrophilic ligand, which no longer passes through the membrane. After cytolysis the released ligand is introduced to a europium solution to form a fluorescent chelate. The measured signal correlates directly with the amount of lysed cells.

Reagents for the assay are also available separately: 4005-0010 Lysis buffer (30 mL), C135-100 DELFIA Eu-Solution (200mL), C136-100 DELFIA BATDA labeling reagent (50µL). 

DELFIA BATDA reagent, 1 vial (50µL), DELFIA Lysis Buffer, 1 vial (0.5mL), DELFIA Europium solution, 1 bottle (200mL) and 10 DELFIA microtitration plates (96-well)