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The DELFIA cAMP kit is intended for the quantitative determination of adenosine-3',5'-cyclic monophospate (cAMP) in cell culture samples requiring high sensitivity. The DELFIA cAMP assay has low cross-reactivity to other cyclic and non-cyclic nucleotides such as ATP and cGMP.

The DELFIA cAMP assay can be run with three different protocols - basic, simple, and high sensitivity. The basic and high sensitivity protocols involve adherent cells. In the simple protocol the determination is from cells in suspension, and all the steps from sample preparation to measurement of fluorescence are preformed on a DELFIA plate.
The sensitivity of the 384 kit is at least 0.1 ng/well (0.28 pmol/well) when using the simple assay protocol. When using the high sensitivity protocol the sensitivity is at least 0.1 pg/well (0.28 fmol/well).