Definiens Tissue Studio® 3 by Definiens

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Definiens Tissue Studio® 3

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Definiens Tissue Studio 3 is the solution of choice for biomarker and morphological profiling in translational research. It is easy to use, robust, powerful, and fast.

It accurately detects regions of interests and distinguishes cells and sub-cellular objects within these target regions. It determines morphology and expression profiles per individual cell or cell compartment, helping to solve your most challenging biological questions.

Whether you're working with brightfield or immunofluorescence images, on whole tissue slides or tissue microarrays, Definiens Tissue Studio 3 is your ultimate resource for comprehensive digital pathology image analysis.

Definiens Tissue Studio® 3 Features:

  • Delivers readouts of unmatched depth and detail.
  • Accurately quantifies biomarker expression profile and morphology on a true cell-by-cell basis.
  • Supports all tissue types and stainings and readily reads metadata from most slide scanners.
  • Identifies regions of interest automatically or with learn-by-example approaches.
  • Operates through a simple, intuitive user interface.
  • Offers unlimited throughput with parallel batch processing.
  • Delivers extremely accurate and reproducible results.
  • Enables multiparametric investigations to identify underlying correlations.
  • Supports translational research through rapid iterative investigation of biomarkers.