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Definiens Image Miner®

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Definiens Image Miner® integrates data mining with image analysis to accelarate research and development in life sciences.

Image Miner enables review and quality control of image analysis, data exploration, validation, data mining and correlation between images and other data sources. Its seamless integration with image analysis allows for increased productivity and standardization of workflow.

Definiens Image Miner® Features:

  • Review & Quality Control - Efficient review of results; Informed navigation through individual cases and groups of cases; Fast assessment of image data and image analysis quality.
  • Data Exploration & Validation - Easy exploartion of quantitative readouts by means of automated plotting; Intuitive outlier identification and gating of relevant subsets; Discovery of trends and patterns through various statistic tools.
  • Data Mining & Correlation - Training and verification of classifiers and prognostic factors using supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques and other statistical methods; Correlation between image analysis readouts and data from other sources.
  • Workflow Integration - Seamless integration with Definiens image analysis; Flexible integration into user workflows; Normalization and standardization of data sets; Increased productivity.