DeepBlue Coelenterazine Substrate

Manufacturer PerkinElmer, Inc.

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When oxidized by Rluc, the proprietary coelenterazine derivative DeepBlueC produces light at 395 nm as opposed to 450-480 for wild type coelenterazine. This unique spectral characteristic makes DeepBlueC the optimal Rluc substrate for GFP2 in BRET2 assays. The blue-shifted emission spectrum of DeepBlueC makes BRET2 assays possible and offers a large resolution between donor and acceptor emission peaks (115 nm) when used in conjunction with GFP2 (BRET2-adapted GFP) as opposed to the much lower resolution found in FRET assays (typically ~50 nm).

Available products:

  • 5 X 200 µg lyophilized DeepBlueC coelenterazine
  • 5 X 50 µg lyophilized DeepBlueC Coelenterazine