Decapping STAR™ Workstation

Manufacturer Hamilton Company

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The current manual process of opening and closing capped tubes limits the full implementation of cell culture procedures. Hamilton’s automated solution for de-capping and re-capping such tubes addresses this need.

Up to two Decapping Modules can be placed on a Microlab® STAR™ deck which are served by 4 Twister channels on a slim arm with up to eight 1mL or four 5 mL channels added on an additional slim arm. The decapping modules are completely controlled and monitored through VENUS software so that all steps are trackable and can be handled in an automatic manner which increases process safety.

The system can accommodate a wide range of tubes. Tubes with a diameter range from 15 to 38 mm can handled on the modules with caps sizes of up to 6 mm bigger in diameter than the vial diameter to ensure a robust and versatile de- and recapping capability for wide range of tubes.

The minimum vial height must be 50 mm and the height should not exceed 120 mm. All vial types will be de-capped within 13 seconds and re-capped in 15 seconds with a torque of up to 3 Nm to ensure that the tubes are properly closed and leakage cannot occur during further processing of the screw cap tubes only.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reliable reading of barcodes
  • Wide range of tubes
  • Closed to avoid contamination
  • Rotational mixing during transportation
  • Walk-away automation