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Industry standard LIMS for drug metabolism studies complete control from initial definition through to final report.

Debra has been developed for over 15 years by many of the world's leading Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical and Contract Research Organisations resulting in a system that is now very much the industry standard in its field.

Modern protocols are increasingly complex. Debra has been designed from the ground up to handle this complexity. The full range of ADME studies are easily handled from Mass Balance, Tissue Distribution, PK and any combinations.

By managing the preparation and confirmation of dosing solutions, and all animal dosing and sample collection steps, errors in data transcription and calculation are completely eliminated.

To achieve the goals of productivity and GLP confidence, Debra avoids transcription errors by capturing raw data either directly from the instrument or via sample result data files from analytical instrumentation systems. There is no transcription necessary.

Debra's unique Document Management System seamlessly provides for the integration of tables, graph and text into final report templates through an automated link to Microsoft Word.

Dosing Module
The interactive Dosing Module gives the facility for the interactive weighing and dosing of the subjects. Dosing and Treatment Modules are linked to provide data on the specific activity of the treatment being dosed. The link allows the system to check dosing volumes/weights and calculate the amount of activity administered. There are several methods from which to choose covering the variety of options currently used in the metabolism laboratory. Multi-dose studies using multiple dose preparations are catered for. The user can record the actual time of dose and any associated comments/observations. The recorded time of dose can be used within the system to calculate real-time sampling for PK studies. As with all Debra's modules the system comes complete with full GLP audit facilities, is fully FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and links to laboratory instrumentation for the direct capture of all raw data.

Labelling Module
Tired of printing out labels for your study on a separate package? The labelling module of Debra5 allows the user to generate project specific labels in any number of user-defined formats based on the project data entered into the system. Both the label type/size and the content are defined by the user, making it a flexible and powerful tool. Pre-defined label formats can be set to cover the corporate standard. Adding barcodes to the labels will allow the user to take advantage of bar-coding options for data collection, that not only speeds up the processes within the laboratory, but also reduces the risk of user error.

WBA Module
The WBA module can enhance the performance of the metabolism laboratory by utilizing common features used routinely in ADME studies within the Debra package. The use of the project driven treatment, dosing and reporting functions allows QWBA to exist as part of a larger ADME study, or as a discrete project. Within Debra, QWBA reports can also be saved to the Document Management System for seamless reporting in a secure environment.

Reporting and Document Management System
The reporting package provides exceptional convenience and flexibility. Define columns, print order, assign macros, add free text, size the table and its position and even specify the decimal precision of the data. All reports generated in Debra may be saved to the database using Debra's Document Management System. This is a unique system that seamlessly provides for the integration of tables, graphs and text into final reports through an automated link to Microsoft® Word. Debra records the document history, highlighting changes between versions of the document. As such, the assembly of critical pieces of information, through standard templates linked to study-specific reports, quickly and accurately facilitates the creation of final reports.

Links to Laura
A link to our industry-standard radio-chromatography software is now available. This permits two-way exchange of data between Laura and Debra. For example, projects and sample data can be created in Debra and subsequently imported into Laura. In addition, chromatograms and region table data from Laura are available for further analysis and reporting in Debra. Security for both systems can be linked, so that users can have one username and password for access to Laura and Debra.

Splitting and Pooling
Samples may be split and pooled within Debra to create additional samples for further analysis. Samples may be pooled by dose group, gender or by timepoint. Debra can calculate a percentage amount to be split, and calculate which samples need to be pooled based on percentage recovery of the dose. The user may choose to use theoretical weights and counts for the pooled samples or you can capture all the data online using Debra's weight and LSC batch functions.

PK Module
The PK module further enhances Debra's capability to go from start to finish on your ADME study. No more ranscribing data to additional PK packages, no more 'cut-and-paste' to get graphs and data together in your reports. The PK module allows you to view PK data in seconds at any time during or after the study. Transferring the data to a word-processor is just two clicks of the mouse button. Alternatively, data may be seamlessly exported from Debra 5 to industry-standard pharmacokinetic packages such as Pharsight's WinNonLin™.

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