DC series Immersion Dip Coolers

Manufacturer Nickel-Electro Ltd

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Available in two models these powerful refrigeration Immersion Coolers, with no temperature control, are designed to be used in conjunction with any stirred or circulating water bath providing constant counter cooling. Its is also an ideal instrument for a variety of cooling applications, suiting an immersion cooling coil.

Both have an operating range from ambient to -20°C, the DC2-300 has more operating performance over the DC1-300 makes it particularly beneficial at these lower liquid temperatures especially in elevated ambient temperatures or larger volume stirred or circulating water baths.

These models feature a flexible 900mm long stainless steel pipe with a protective outer shield, exiting from top of the unit, making the stainless steel cooling coil naturally stand in the corner of any Clifton NE4 Stirred or Circulating water bath. This maximises the working area within the bath and reduces the chance of ‘cold shock’, a chance of the freezing cold coil accidentally intruding or touching and spoiling work. The stainless steel immersion coil is corrosion resistant.

The immersion cooler runs continuously providing counter cooling with a Clifton NE4 Stirred or Circulating water bath providing temperature control.

The DC2-300 is fitted with casters, which can be locked when sited, for easy mobility. Suitable for bench top or under-bench use or as a dedicated workstation with a NE4 Stirred or Circulating water bath, 8 or 14 litre sizes, running on top saving bench space. 

Bath models replace wasteful use of cold water-cooling, uses R134a gas and is quiet in operation.

Models available in the range

DC1-300 Immersion Dip Cooler for Temperatures to -20° C
DC2-300 Immersion Dip Cooler for Temperatures to -20° C