DB-Sulfur SCD GC Columns by Agilent Technologies

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DB-Sulfur SCD GC Columns
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Agilent DB-Sulfur SCD columns are optimized for use with Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detection (SCD) to provide low bleed performance and reduced SCD ceramic tube fouling.

For all GC SCD methods that utilize PDMS stationary phases – such as ASTM D 5623 and 5504 – DB-Sulfur SCD columns provide excellent peak shape and extended detector stability for reduced maintenance and associated downtime.

DB-Sulfur SCD GC Columns Features:

  • Improved data reliability and significantly reduced bleed.
  • Optimal SCD stability and lower bleed.
  • Reduces downtime, maintenance, and operational cost for your lab.
  • DB-Sulfur SCD columns can be produced in different custom configurations.

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