DataPaq™ A4 Multi-Rack 2D Barcode Scanner by Ziath Ltd

Manufacturer Ziath Ltd

DataPaq™ A4 Multi-Rack 2D Barcode Scanner by Ziath Ltd product image
DataPaq™ A4 Multi-Rack 2D Barcode Scanner
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Like its Single-Rack cousin, our A4-sized scanner also offers easy set up, straight out of the box.

With only a few minutes needed for configuration, you’ll be ready to start scanning in no time at all. A one-time automatic calibration means that you’ll then be set up and ready to read any and all tubes – even those hard to read REMP tubes.

Ziath's A6 is very fast, with an effective scan/read time of only three seconds per rack. And remember, you can scan any combination of different manufacturers’ racks at the same time.

Product Details:

• Operating Systems: XP/Vista
• Scanning Device: Commodity flatbed scanners
• Compatible rack vendors
   o Thermo Matrix
   o Thermo Abgene
   o Thermo Nunc
   o Remp
   o Micronic
   o Matrical
   o Axygen 
   o ... And all other 2D barcoded tubes!
• Compatible rack sizes: 384, 96, 48, 24
• Export data to Excel, text, XML, rack images
• Scans 1-3 racks at the same time
• Fast Scanning — 3 seconds per rack
• Displays damaged/missing tubes
• One-click scan for any size or brand of tube
• Command line mode for 'no driver' integration
• Simple installer — no dongles required
• Multiple scanners/multiple configurations