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DA Cooler
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DCN glycol jacketed cooling vessels are designed for the cooling of a wide range of food products, including soups, stews, sauces and preserves and can be integrated with a range of other equipment including D C Norris kettles, vacuum trolleys and bratt pans.
The DA Cooler and all of its components are manufactured completely in stainless steel in the UK.
Standard sizes are 300–750 ltr (custom sizes made to order)
Glycol Jacket Glycol jacket with 3 bar working pressure and special dimpled pattern to give ultimate cooling performance
Vessel is capable of taking a vacuum to allow filling of product without the need for transfer pumps
Designed and tested to PD5500 standards
Body fully insulated incorporating stainless steel cladding
Standard internal sanitary finish ground and smooth
External surfaces have a semi-deluxe buff finish (or to customers specification)
Vertical product zone with scraping surface type agitator fitted with replaceable food approved plastic blades
Full diameter, counter balanced, domed tilting lid for complete access to product zone
Can also be supplied as a fixed lid design with manway incorporating CIP cleaning
Minimal product loss
Will process large particulates without damage
Will process both viscous and fluid products
Cooling of product from 85°C to 4°C in 60 minutes (product dependant)
Suitable for Clean In Place
Minimal aeration of product
No degradation of product
No skinning of product
Easy to clean
Unique, intelligent variable speed agitator system incorporating one piece scraper blades and product agitation baffles