CyTRAK Orange

Manufacturer Biostatus Limited  |   Model: CO50050  |  Available Worldwide
An orange probe staining both nucleus and cytoplasm.

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A fluorescent dye staining both nucleus and cytoplasm. It is water soluble and membrane permeant and can be used in LIVE cells in combination with other common fluors, especially GFP fusions, FITC-labelled antibodies and far-red dyes.

CyTRAK Orange™ can be used as a LIVE cell nuclear stain or as a cell location dye to define the perimeter of the cell in a variety of cell-based assays. It is highly compatible with existing protocols and can be used across a wide range of instrumentation platforms. 

  • Rapid staining of dsDNA/nuclei of LIVE or fixed cells 
  • Easy to use - no lyse, no wash, no RNase needed
  • Ideal for use with GFP & FITC labels - fluoresces at Emλmax 615 nm 
  • Ideal for use as a cell location dye in HTS and HCS assays
  • Photochemically and biologically very stable

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CyTRAK Orange

Manufacturer Biostatus Limited  |  Available Worldwide

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