Cytell Image Cytometer - Expect More from your Cell Analysis

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

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Cytell Image Cytometer is your bench-top solution for immediate and rapid cell characterization. Designed as a ready-to-use instrument for cell health, phenotype, and antibody assays - Cytell is an innovation on your bench waiting to give you more.

•  More than just cell health data: Also get phenotypic measurements, cell surface marker data, and run antibody assays.

•  Use your own reagents: Cytell allows you to use the reagents of your choice.

•  More than just a single sample: Acquire data on up to eight samples at once in less than 2.5 minutes.

•  More results while you wait: With four channel detection and eight samples per run, and going from sample preparation to results in 15 to 20 minutes*, you can expect more from Cytell.

Cytell Image Cytometer introduces a new way of working that simplifies your work and increases productivity across your organization. By freeing up your specialized flow cytometers from routine analysis, Cytell gives you more than you expect just when you need it.

*Assay dependent