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The CyBio® Scheduler is CyBio’s software platform for controlling medium and robotic platforms. Reducing the influence of environmental factors, powerful assay data editor and reactive error handling are some of the main benefits of CyBio® Scheduler.
This software allows the parallel and time-optimized control of several laboratory workflows. The unique workflow optimization reduces the impact of environmental factors like changes in temperature as well as crystallization and precipitation effects. Additionally the CyBio® Scheduler ensures the efficient utilization of existing laboratory devices.

Dynamic scheduling and prioritization permits the processing of emergency samples in a timely manner in assays already being executed and to re-use samples, depending on the process conditions or results. A flexible and customizable multi tier error handling guarantees robust and error-reactive automation solutions.

CyBio® provides you with a high-capacity database with integrated assay and microplate management, a powerful assay editor as well as different options to access external data for using the automation solution as an individual or an integrated workstation in an existing automation or IT environment.

Thanks to the option of quickly adapting it to different hardware and IT environments, the CyBio® Scheduler software can still be used when assays and operational conditions change. Naturally, should any problems occur, our worldwide excellent service team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.