CyBi®-InLine Family - Flexible Solutions for Dilution

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Serial dilutions and IC50 EC50 measurements are typical applications in almost all life science laboratories. However, the volume range varies widely depending on the application. CyBio developed the CyBi®-InLine Family for tasks like column-wise pipetting, serial dilutions, and distribution of reagents and fast filling of whole plates via multi-dispensing steps within the volume range from 0.5 μl to 1000 μl. This makes working with deep well plates and standard microplates and tubes possible.

The CyBi®-InLine Family includes 3 different devices. The CyBi®-InLine 16/50 µl addresses applications in the 384-well format whereas the CyBi®-InLine 8/1000 μl was designed for working in 96-(deep) well plates. In addition, there is also a single channel with the CyBi®-InLine 8+1/250 μl which can access single tubes as well as single wells of a microplate.
Like all other products developed by CyBio, the CyBi®-InLine pipettors are available with several options and multiple configuration choices. You can set up your system with a main linear transport system with 3, 4 or 5 positions. For complex applications requiring more positions for microplates, reservoirs and tips, the system can be upgraded with additional positions without enlarging the footprint of the device. The modular concept of CyBio instruments allows an easy upgrade with other CyBio devices, such as the CyBi®-Drop for contact- and disposable-free dispensing of cells and liquids, a 96- or 384-multichannel pipettor for simultaneous pipetting, or stackers for storage of plates and tips. Other accessories like the barcode reader, tip wash station, automated reservoir refillable and adapters for reagent heating or cooling are also available. This allows future changes in throughput or lab requirements without knowing what future requirements will be.

The CyBi®-InLine Family provides different possibilities to handle tips. For sterile and cross-contamination sensitive applications, the CyBi®-InLine features a special tip-drop station with a high capacity waste container. For serial dilutions or pipetting with the same liquids, tips can be placed back into the tip rack and used again at a later time – a concept that saves tips and, most importantly, money. Thus, CyBio offers you the perfect pipetting system for the automation of your assay or application.

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CyBi®-InLine Family - Flexible Solutions for Dilution

Manufacturer Analytik Jena Life Science

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