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CyBio provide a broad range of CyBi®-Tips, covering different volume ranges and several tip lengths.

You may select from CyBi®-Tips in the following three qualities: standard, pre-sterilized or pre-sterilized, PCR certified with and without filter. All CyBi®-Tips have been designed, manufactured and quality inspected with respect to automation requirements, in turn permitting unattended, precise and highly reproducible sample processing.

The Tips are available as disposable magazines CyBi®-TipTrays and CyBi®-RoboTipTrays that are preloaded with tips for 96-/ 384-channel pipetting heads, allowing tip changing manually or automatically.

For applications that need single channel, column- or row-wise pipetting the CyBi-Tips are available in CyBi®-TipBoxes.