CyBi® - InLine 8+1/250 µl by Analytik Jena Life Science

CyBi<sup>®</sup> - InLine 8+1/250 µl by Analytik Jena Life Science product image
CyBi® - InLine 8+1/250 µl

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CyBi®-InLine 8+1/250 µl offers a high dynamic volume range from 1 to 250 µl. Depending on the application, both 96 and 384 well microplates can be processed and two different tip types can be interchanged, according to the volume of applications, without manual intervention. The tip waste position of the CyBi®-InLine 8+1/250 µl allows contamination-free work by physically separating the picking up and dropping of the tips.

The 8 channel and the single channel are both available anytime during the process which brings the high advantage that pipetting tools don’t have to be exchanged.

This unique combination ensures that a wide variety of applications such as PCR set-up, qPCR set-up, sequencing set-up, hit picking, serial dilution and many other applications which can be automated easily.

Beside the proven linear transport system with 3, 4 or 5 positions, the system has an additional position for microplates, tips and reservoirs. This additional position may be extended even to a second linear transport system with up to 5 working positions without enlarging the footprint of the device.

Perfectly matched accessories and the possibility to combine with other devices of CyBio allow the automation of complex applications and batch processing.