CyBi® - InLine 16/50 µl by Analytik Jena Life Science

CyBi<sup>®</sup> - InLine 16/50 µl by Analytik Jena Life Science product image
CyBi® - InLine 16/50 µl

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In addition to the standard application of serial dilution, the liquid handling systems CyBi®-InLine 16/50 µl can perform further laboratory routines such as filling, copying or reformatting of microplates.

Based on the modularity of all CyBio devices, CyBi®-InLine 16/50 µl can be equipped with versatile accessories, such as a barcode reader, stacker for microplate or tip storage, tip wash station or automated refillable reservoirs, as well as adapters for reagent heating or cooling.

The CyBi®-InLine 16/50 μl can also be upgraded with other CyBio liquid handling devices. Depending on requirements for more complex assays, upgrading of the system with CyBi®-Well or CyBi®-Well vario offers the possibility to use 96, 384, or 1536 well multichannel pipetting heads for fast filling, replication and reformatting of microplates.

The CyBi®-InLine 16/50 μl enables precise pipetting and guarantees absolute process stability as well as reliable and precise results from low to high throughput. In addition to the linear transport system with 3, 4, or 5 positions for plates, reservoirs and tips the CyBi®-InLine 16/50 µl has one additional position. If necessary, the number of working positions can be extended by a second linear transport system up to 10 positions without increasing footprint.

The integrated tip waste box of the CyBi®-InLine 16/50 µl allows contamination-free working by physically separating the picking up and dropping of the tips.