Cutting Mills Range

Cutting Mills Range

Fritsch GmbH - Milling and Sizing

Fritsch Cutting Mills Ideal for size reduction of soft to medium-hard, tough-elastic and fibrous materials as well as for heterogeneous mixtures. They are indispensable in the areas of environment, more

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Fritsch Cutting Mills

Ideal for size reduction of soft to medium-hard, tough-elastic and fibrous materials as well as for heterogeneous mixtures. They are indispensable in the areas of environment, plastics, agriculture, forestry, construction materials, textiles, chemistry and as well as for analytic and sample preparation for RoHS-analysis.

Unmatched ease of cleaning

A particularly important criterion for a Cutting Mill is the question how fast and easy it can be cleaned in daily laboratory use. Therefore we have placed particular value on the easy cleaning when we developed the FRITSCH PULVERISETTE 19.

Unbeatable fast, simple and efficient cleaning!

The entire grinding chamber can be opened easily in seconds and both the rotor and the sieve can simply be removed with simple motions. Only at FRITSCH Cutting Mills it is possible to lift open the entire top part of the housing as well as the door – in fact, the door can be completely removed. And that’s not all: The rotor of the FRITSCH Cutting Mills can be removed easily without tools for quick cleaning in between and it can be turned by hand, when the mill is open.

The result

A completely open and empty grinding chamber with minimal dead space for easy and quick cleaning – a secure protection against cross contaminations!

Fritsch Cutting Mills are available in a variety of different configurations – ensuring a perfect Mill for each application!

Fritsch Cutting Mills Advantages:

  • Especially simple operation for fast work
  • Unmatched ease of cleaning due to patented quick opening access
  • Optimum airflow for particularly fast grinding and secure protection against clogging
  • More stable running and low wear due to the patented double cone bearing of the rotor
  • Exceptionally long service life through the use of replaceable and fixed knives
  • Unique grinding chamber geometry: minimal dead space and progressive cutting geometry between the rotor and the fixed knives – for faster and simpler operation
  • Grinding parts with different cutting geometries and materials - perfectly adjustable to your application

Fritsch Cutting Mills Practical Applications:

  • Comminution of PET-plastic bottles/PET pressings – for analytical assessment of the recycled material for the production of higher value products
  • Sample preparation for refuse derived fuels
  • Biofuel - Energy supplier of the future?
  • Sample preparation for the analysis of secondary fuel in cement plants
  • Comminution of wood - for the analysis of matured timber in regards to heavy metals, arsen and PCP/PCB
  • Comminution of natural rubber – for analytic assessment of the crude materials, before they can be used for further processing.


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