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Customized Application Solutions
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The customized applications group specializes in realizing a broad range of tailor made research application solutions. If your automation needs the capabilities of a Freedom EVO® or requires a combination of multiple Freedoms, then a system designed from the customized applications group is the right solution for the next step in the automation upgrade path. It can be configured for higher capacity and throughput needs for complex applications e.g. cell-based screening, cell maintenance, enzymatic screening, PCR set-up, normalization, amplification, high throughput extraction, compound logistics, screening and much more. Depending on the assay, capacity and throughput requirements, a robotic integrated TRAC™ system with either one or multiple robots or a workstation-based system may be specially designed to meet your specific needs The use of Tecan systems in combination with proven industrial components ensures an outstanding operational performance in a seven-working-day walkaway environment. The unmatched dynamic scheduling and integration capabilities of the process control software FACTS™ ensure easy management and control of all your experiment and processes.

  • Individual development of your system for assay requirements, capacity and throughput
  • Each system is designed and developed together with you by one of our automation experts
  • Interactive planning of the optimized layout of your system considering your individual work shifts and the physical layout of your laboratory
  • Ensure optimized performance by defined test and acceptance procedures of your project
  • Detection and prevention of potential process bottlenecks by analyzing and simulating your application

Examples for Customized Application Solutions:

  • Quadriga TRAC™
  • Molecular Biology TRAC™