Custom SurePrint G3 ChIP-on-chip/DNA Methylation, 8x60K

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With Agilent's eArray application, design custom ChIP-on-chip microarrays suited to your specific research needs.  Use probes based on your own sequences or select from millions of optimized tiling probes.  Agilent™s custom microarrays provide the advantage of high signal-to-noise levels, resulting in strong reproducibility and accuracy in detection.
  •  Customizable number of slides per kit, and number of microarrays per slide
  •  Probe design and selection have been carefully optimized and validated for maximal sensitivity and specificity
  •  Over 100 species available for tiling. Validated database available for human, mouse, and rat. Drosophila, Human, Mouse,     S. pombe  , Yeast and Zebrafish
  •  Genome-wide design or zoom-in designs available for unparalleled resolution, flexibility, and convenience
  •  Multiple slide formats - High-definition: 1x244K, 2x105K, 4x44K and 8x15K; SurePrint G3: 1x1M, 2x400K, 4x180K, 8x60K
  •  Printed using Agilent's 60-mer SurePrint technology.
  •  Quick iteration and turnaround

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Custom SurePrint G3 ChIP-on-chip/DNA Methylation, 8x60K

Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

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