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MicroSpot ELISA assays and other protein microarrays are powerful tools for researchers in many disciplines. Schleicher & Schuell BioScience has developed simple, rapid assays that combine ELISA sandwich immunochemistry with a microspot format so that concentrations of multiple cytokines or other proteins can be determined from a single biological sample.

S&S recognizes that not all scientists have access to the microarray instrumentation and software needed to produce protein microarrays, process and scan them, and collect and analyze the resulting data. The S&S custom protein array services make it simple for researchers to try this new technology before adopting it in their labs.

Working with the S&S custom service center, customers create an array e.g. by selecting from our menu of antibodies to human or mouse cytokines. We'll build the array for you, analyze your samples, scan the arrays and then send data back to you.

For those customers who may have scanning instrumentation but want an array that is different than S&S off-the-shelf arrays, the S&S custom service center will build a custom array for you from our existing library and sent the arrays to you for you to analyze.