Custom Gene Expression Microarray, 1x244K

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Create your own custom microarray using eArray, Agilent's online microarray design application. Easily design new probes, upload your own, or select content from Agilent databases, and access various array formats for complete flexibility.
  •  Design custom microarrays with eArray, at no charge and with no minimum order
  •  Optimized and validated probe design and selection
  •  Multiple array formats available, including all SurePrint G3 formats (8x60k, 4x180k, 2x400k, 1x1m), and all SurePrint HD formats (8x15k, 4x44k, 2x105k, 1x244k)
  •  High quality oligos printed on demand using Agilent's 60-mer SurePrint technology.
  •  Choose the number of slides per kit based on your needs