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Custom EFC Services

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We'll Build EFC Assay Tools to Meet Your Needs
Our innovative technology has been successfully applied to many target areas in discovery research, including oncology, metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease, and inflammation. We have initiated a range of custom development projects for top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and we continue to offer custom assay development services. Our custom projects utilize DiscoveRx's proprietary EFC technology and span both in vitro biochemical assays, as well as functional cell-based assays using our novel PathHunter technology.

Test PathHunter Beta-arrestin Technology with Your GPCR of Interest,
PathHunter Beta-arrestin Cell Pools. We transfect your GPCR of interest fused to an EFC tag into a PathHunter cell line expressing a fusion protein of beta-arrestin with another component essential for chemiluminescent detection of an agonist or antagonist response. We provide you with a transfected, antibiotic-selected cell population that expresses your GPCR of interest and the two essential EFC tag components as well as a report showing EFC activity.

Rely on Our Expertise for Generating a PathHunter Expression Cell Population
PathHunter Cell Pools. We will use our experience developing EFC assays to transfect an N- or C- terminal tagged fusion of your target of interest into a PathHunter HEK 293 or CHO-K1 cell line for a desired PathHunter assay. Some options for functional cell-based assays include nuclear translocation, degradation, secretion, and mitosis. We will provide you with a population of antibiotic-selected PathHunter cells from which you may select a clone or use directly in a screen. You will also receive a report showing EFC activity.

Need a Conjugate for a Kinase Binding Assay?
Kinase ED-Ligand Labeling.Just send us your kinase ligand, and we will conjugate ED to it for you and provide you with an ED-ligand plus EFC chemiluminescent detection reagents ready to use in a kinase-binding assay. Guidelines for characterizing and validating a binding assay for a kinase target are also available from DiscoveRx.

Need to Identify the Optimal ED-Ligand for Your Kinase Binding Assay?
Kinase Profiling. Now you can provide us with a sample of your kinase of interest, and we will run it against a panel of 24 kinase ED-ligand conjugates and send you the EFC activity data, enabling you to select the optimal ED-ligand to perform a screen using our novel kinase binding assay technology--ideal for including unactive and low activity kinases in your next screen.

Problem Protease Substrate?
Protease Substrate ED-Labeling for EFC Assays. If you tried a protease assay using FRET and were not satisfied with the result, you will love our protease assays based upon novel cyclic ED-peptide substrates! Protease assays using these conjugates are reliable because EFC results are independent of peptide length, a known issue with some FRET assays. All you need to do is provide 10-20 amino acids of sequence information, and we will provide you with enough ED-peptide substrate for 10,000 data points and a starter chemiluminescent detection reagent kit. You will also receive a comprehensive report describing synthesis of the peptide substrate and final ED conjugate as well as EFC activity data.